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Escaping the Ordinary

Life is full of endless choices, and society has created an image of what lifestyle is acceptable and what we should strive to attain, down to the clothes we should wear, the jobs we should have, the way we should look, and even the way we should feel. College,...

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ConserVANtion Goes Sustainably Solar

We're so excited to say that we finally have the solar panels up and running! We now have the ability to work from anywhere with a constant source of energy (as long as we have a bit of sunshine). We can now be more sustainable and reduce our carbon footprint as well....

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Nightmare VW Restoration Gets Saved

Hi all, Thought I would write a post on how we acquired our VW Crossover Bay, had it restored and got badly ripped off in the process. It started after I got an insurance payout for having a run in with cancer. My wife and I decided to buy a VW and have it restored to...

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Why do we learn to fall?

Before I get going this isn't meant to come across as a sob story! I am open to hugs though! About 5 months ago the almost 9 year relationship I was in came to an end. It was a messy time but during the chaos I made, and stuck to, the decision to start living in a...

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A Glawning, A Camper Van and A Martin!

We’ve owned a Glawning since they were first produced by those two lovely Yorkshire entrepreneurs, James and Sarah. We bought one of the first types in 2014 and spent over an hour erecting it for the first time at the Brazilian VW Bay Sleepover at Anita’s site in...

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LIFE IS SIMPLE – by 2born2travel

As you drive into Lofoten you are instantly hit by the sheer beauty of the place, you are turning corners and you can’t help but drop your jaw. You come to the end of a tunnel and as you exit the word WOW, just falls out of your mouth. There was a moment where tears...

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The Travelling Mary – by Lucy Withers

Our Vanlife story started late last year (2017) when my adventure partner David's father passed away an left us his 2000 Mercedes Sprinter. Though it came to us in such a sad way, vanlifing has been a dream of ours for quite some time. When I eventually moved back...

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