Pete Busbys Ford Transit Self Build Conversion

After building lots of different vans as day vans and campers, including the normal a VW T4. I wanted to do something a little different to everyone one else. Something that would stand out, but be cheap and affordable to buy and maintain. But the main thing I wanted, was to be able to stand up in it.

So £500 later, I was the owner of a builders Hi Top SWB mk6 Transit.
Work started straight away on the conversion in to a camper. As per usual things got a little bit carried away! I decided that like all my other camper van builds, I wanted it low with some really nice wheels! Thats not that easy on a Ford Transit though unfortunately, theres nothing available to lower them and the choice of wheels is nonexistent, so what was I to do.

Ford Transit Camper SWB High Roof Camper

I had to use my imagination and get creative with it! Now it’s massively lowered on fully height adjustable suspension and custom one off wheels all fabricated and made by myself!

Ford Transit Camper Lowered With Alloys

The interior was built on a very tight budget, using scrap wood from work, along with anything else I could find that would be of use.

Ford Transit Camper Scrap Wood Interior Build

Windows fitted were second hand, and even the Recaro front seats were taken in payment for a day’s welding on a mates van!

Ford Transit Camper Recaro Seats

Myself and the family have used the van for camping over the last 2 years as it’s evolved, and loved it.

Ford Transit Camper on Family Holidays

Over the winter I finally found the time to repaint it. So found a unit big enough to get it in. Prepped, and painted myself over a weekend. Hard going on your own! It looks a hundred times better for it and is a real head turner where ever we go.

Ford Transit Camper New Paint Job

Looking forward to getting out in it again this year, and try and get some shows in to.
Hopefully people find my rather unique Transit van interesting and maybe give them the inspiration to build something similar themselves.


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