Living and Travelling in a VW Van: 100 Answers to the Most Asked Questions after One Year on the Road in North and Central America

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On July 18th of 2016 we boarded a plane to follow our VW van to Seattle. That’s where this journey started more than one year ago. In the meantime we made it through the US, Mexico and Central America. We’re extremely grateful for everything this past year has taught us – and happy to share part of it with you in this eBook.

Some of the questions we answer:

1. Who are you?
2. How did you come up with the idea of this journey?
3. How can you afford all of this?
4. How much money did you save?
5. Do you have medical insurance?
6. What did you do before this journey?
7. Why did you quit your jobs?
8. What do your families think about your journey?
11. What did you not like about the preparations?
12. What do you do all day?
15. How do you do laundry?
16. What about police and bribes?
17. How do you plan where to go next?
18. How was Burning Man?
19. Where do you sleep?
20. Did you ever get kicked out while wild camping?
26. Do you think it’s important to speak Spanish to do this kind of trip?
28. Do you stop for hitchhikers?
30. Are there many insects or other creepy animals?
31. How do you manage to not drink alcohol every day?
32. What do you do in dangerous countries?
34. How are the road conditions?
35. Did anything get stolen?
36. How do you manage to stick to your budget?
37. How do you navigate?
40. How do you treat yourselves?
41. Do you ever get bored?
45. Sandro looks a lot thinner than a year ago – why and how?
52. Do you fight?
54. What’s the most hilarious experience you ever had?
55. What was the saddest experience?
56. Do you still have things to talk about?
57. Where do you get your courage from?
59. Gabs, how do you handle your menstruation on the road?
61. Is there anything you regret?
63. Were you ever scared?
70. What’s the best about living in a van?
71. What sucks?
72. How did you ship the van and how much did it cost?
74. Any breakdowns?
75. How did you decide it was the right vehicle for your journey?
76. What did the van cost?
77. Why VW?
78. Is the van insured?
80. Is 4WD crucial for the PanAmerican?
81. You’ve seen many overlanding vehicles by now – would you change something on yours?
83. How do you stay warm in cold places and cool in hot ones?
84. What’s the best gadget in your van?
88. How do you keep your stuff save?
89. Isn’t it super cramped in the van?
92. What have you never used this year?
93. Are you able to repair the van yourself?
95. Do you work on the road?
97. But did you ever get any offers on Instagram?

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