The portable camp toilet has become an important and
comfortable part of camper accessories. Portable toilets
come in many shapes and sizes and can be used either for camping or in every day life.

I was kind of sceptical, when I bought my first portable toilet years ago because…

cleaning them out the next day just didn’t sound
like my idea of fun
, but when I figured out all the
benefits of the portable, it became one of my favorite accessories.

The portable camp toilet can be used in any kind of vehicle.
Car, motorhome, truck or even a boat and they will save the day when you really have to go while there are no
public toilets around. And even if they are, chances are
that they’ll be in a sorry shape and even awfully

And if for some reason the toilet in your home breaks
down…well, you can always use your camping toilet while you sort
things out.

There are three basic designs available for the portable camp toilet…

  • Folding or collapsible portable toilet
  • The bucket toilet
  • Portable flush toilet

Collapsible Camp Toilet

Collapsible Camp Toilet

The folding or collapsible camping toilets are the
smallest and lightest among portable toilets, therefore
are more then suitable for any kind of camping style, even
hiking and back packing.

Most of these camping toilets look and function like a
small camping chair. Instead of the seat, there is a hole
or a lid for you to sit on. To hold the waste, these
toilets use disposable liners or plastic bags, which are
simply sealed and discarded after use. A very sanitary and
simple solution.

This lightweight and reasonably priced portable camp toilet
is preferred among hikers and backpackers.

The Bucket Camping Toilet

Bucket camping toilet.

Another simple solution is the bucket toilet. A very
simple device again, with a bucket of various sizes to
choose from, neatly hidden underneath the toilet seat and the lid.
Aside from the bucket itself, you can of course use disposable plastic
toilet bags to eliminate the
regular cleaning process.

This bucket is rather bulky, but a very
simple, durable and almost maintenance-free device, which
can sometimes be a good option for homemade campers.

Flushing Portable Camp Toilet

The flush toilet like the Thetford Campa Potti MT  is as close you get to the
comfort of your home. It’s made from two separate water
tanks, with the upper one containing the fresh flushing
water and the toilet bowl with the lid, while the lower
tank is naturally used for waste water.

They come in a variety of sizes as far as the water
capacity goes, so the choice is entirely up to you. The larger the
capacity, the more waste will you be able to
store inside of them.

Flushing Portable Camp Toilet

The flushing is done by a simple water pump, which can
be operated either manually or by means of electrical

The waste of course can become awfully smelly of course
do to chemical reactions, specially in the summer time.
For that reason the waste water tank will have to be
treated with bio-degradable solutions that help to
dissolve the waste and the toilet paper.

Well all that is
only partially true, because if you use the portable camp toilet
on regular bases, you’ll be discarding the waste almost
every day or so, therefore the bio-degradable solution will not have
enough time to do the job. But use it any way, you will eliminate the

That of course is not a problem if you stay in a
camping site or close to designated waste dumps, but if
you enjoy free camping as much as I do, you will have to
use other solutions.

The flush toilet can of course be used using
the liners or plastic bags
I discussed above. And use it
only when you really have to. But use the nature
otherwise. Remember not to leave a nasty surprise for
others, so use a camping shovel to dig a hole just to
neatly cover everything up. A very clean job, just remember to put the toilet paper
in a separate bag…

Flush toilets will of course need some minor regular maintenance before longer storage.

Washing and cleaning them thoroughly on daily basis is
self understanding I guess. For  longer storage, I just fill up the
waste water tank with water, add the bio-
degradable solution, shake it up for a minute or so and
let it sit there for the day, so the solution has the time
to do the job. After this treatment discard the water,
rinse the tank thoroughly and let it dry by leaving all
the openings open. And don’t forget to treat all the
rubber seals…olive oil will do just fine.

Another thing you want to remember is not to have any or
at least too much water inside below freezing
temperatures. Frozen water expands, so you might expect a
big mess…

A portable camp toilet can help you out in many cases.
Its a very practical and simple device that can be used just about anywhere. It’s only up to you when and where
will you use it. Sometimes there is nothing like taking it at home…

If you’re out searching for a portable, check out the Amazon search box just below. You will find a variety of toilets with reviews from other users, just to make sure that you buy the thing you’re looking for. Sharing is caring after all…

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