Barnaby Adams Transit Camper Wrote OffBefore I get going this isn’t meant to come across as a sob story! I am open to hugs though! About 5 months ago the almost 9 year relationship I was in came to an end. It was a messy time but during the chaos I made, and stuck to, the decision to start living in a van.

It wasn’t a decision made in haste as it is something I’ve wanted to do for years. Eventually, and albeit, hastily, I bought a an 04 Transit mwb, semi high roof. It had some pretty severe rust (tranny) and some tasty advisories but worked and had a 11 month mot. So far I was kind of winning. I was prepared to do the work needed and had the van nearly fully converted. They say you shouldn’t drive when angry or emotional and I would say that’s wise advice. Having just returned from visiting my new girlfriend and her being very cold towards me I drove back to Bristol and decided to go for a therepuetic drive in the sticks. Long story short I pulled out too sinn from a side road and ┬ámy van was t-boned. Luckily nobody was hurt and I barely felt a thing in my big strong box.

Sadly though the van was a write-off, distracted mind indeed. Over the next week I steadily stripped it out in preparation for the breakers to take it away. Well… That resulted in sleeping on the floor of an uninsulated, drafty and slightly damp van! Now there’s a challenge! Luckily it was so cold that any moisture from my breathing just froze before it could drip so that was good. Always been keen on wildcamping anyway so I’m no stranger to tough living conditions.

At the moment I’m back 10 years sofa surfing again but the comfort I found in wandering in my early 20’s was what made me feel van living was for me. So it’s all the same then I guess. Just for the time being I don’t have an engine. In 3 weeks time I get paid (I’ve held down the same job through all of this, luckily as the yard at work has been a safe haven for me!) and I will being getting van 2 and making it better than the last one.

I never expected living on the road to be all romantic and smooth sailing so although I’ve had a pretty rough time of it I’m not letting this one go. I will live in my van and I will make this work. If I’m going down I’m going down swinging!

by Barnaby Adams

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